Food and Beverage

PT Daesang Food Indonesia was established in response to development and improvement in consumer demand in Indonesia for food products and beverages are creative, hygienic and quality. The company is dedicated to producing creative food and beverages products that have been developed by Research and Development of Daesang Group Indonesia, which has never stopped innovating to produce or provide the customer demand.

At first, it started by only producing MamaSuka seasoning flour. This product has been able to be accepted by the market (consumers), because it has a special taste. Therefore, the Company added new variants such as : Bakwan Flour, Banana Fritter Flour, Seasoning Flour, Mayonnaise and several types of instant spices of Indonesian cuisine, all of them using MamaSuka.

MamaSuka has been serving Indonesian families with wholeheartedly since 2001. The choosing seasoning products and food ingredient not only from delicious taste, but alo considering the good life through delicious food. The best choice that reflects the care and affection of mother and courde present it fully love for the family.

MamaSuka is one of the best brands of instant spice/seasoning product. MamaSuka is part of Daesang Group a company who has been existed in Indonesia for more than four decades. The existence of MamaSuka as a good brand, with the best choice of product variety, become the main foundation which support the existence of MamaSuka in the competition of instant spice or seasoning industry. MamaSuka is well-known brand in Indonesian market. In the competition of instant spice or seasoning industry segment, MamaSuka succeed to get a place in the hearts of its market target. MamaSuka even keep expand its business and make various innovation.