Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is the embryo of Daesang Group business

MI-WON, Bio Miwon, Miwon Plus and Indorasa are our major brand in seasoning segment. This product has a main function as flavor enhancer and effective way to make food taste more delicious. In Indonesia, it's know as Vetsin or MSG which stand for "Monosodium Glutamate". In selling the products, the company diversifies its brands based on sub-brand and flavor; thus making the Company's products acceptable by consumers whose tastes are different one to another.  MSG in Indonesia continues to develop its type. Currently there are two types of MSG sold in the Indonesian market. First, MSG pure and second is MSG type with ribotide mixture.

For type one, PT Daesang Ingredients Indonesia have already MI-WON and Indorasa brand, and for the others brands such Bio Miwon and Miwon Plus are entry at type two. The mixture of ribotide and MSG has stronger flavor enhancement value than pure MSG it’s self. The synergistic effects provide significant cost saving. All type of MSG is available in Consumer Pack, Horeca, and bulk packaging for Industrial segment.

Combine with strengthen coverage distribution, the Company also made various efforts to increasingly sales and consumers brand awareness by advertising channel such TV Commercial, Magazine and other mass media.