Supported by an extensive and reliable distribution network, Miwon distribution business unit through PT Daesang Agung Indonesia has been the company’s backbone to distribute all Miwon’s products and other principles products. All products are marketed to consumers nationwide through a strong distribution network.

All products that have been distributed by PT Daesang Agung Indonesia can be found throughout Indonesia, from Sabang to Merauke, both in urban and rural areas, so customers can easily get the products in traditional and modern markets. At present, the distribution strength of companies depends on sub-distributors spread throughout Indonesia with an adequate network.

To support delivery and create consumer appeal, the marketing department team also actively introduces products with benefits and advantages compared to other products, through television and other advertisements.

Some outdoor advertisements such as billboards, neon lights, shop blind panels, and car panels were also installed to strengthen the influence of advertising. As a tool for displaying products and campaigns, we make hanger pockets and acrylic display racks according to the type of product.

All activities are carried out to strengthen the distribution network, so that products are continuously recognized by the target market with a wider range.

The products we distribute are more diverse and accepted by the market. On the other hand, the product distribution is more evenly distributed throughout Indonesia. This has supported to make sales volume increase every year.