Posted On 20 September 2017


This training is a training session given to meatball traders to build a commitment, cohesiveness, togetherness group and institutions Ikthisar Swadaya Mitra (ISM). The authenticity of this activity is that it is hoped that the merchant can understand what the partners and members wish to achieve through an ism, knowing their respective roles, foster cohesion among partners, groups and ism as well as foster a sense of belonging and responsibility by all members for the future and progress ism.

The event was held on Wednesday, September 20, 2017 at Pelita Village Parung Bogor with the theme Enhancing The Capacity Of Partners Through Training To Build a Team attended by practitioners as well as director of KMM Ir. Jodi H. Iswanto and Dede Sukiaji and from PT. Miwon Bp. Herry. In addition to filled with matereri and simulations in the seminar is held also fun game, then continued with the formation and selection of members of Local Institutions.