Daesang Group Indonesia is a strong business foundation with four companies, consist of PT Daesang Ingredients Indonesia, PT Daesang Agung Indonesia, PT Daesang Food Indonesia, PT Sintang Raya. 

Daesang Group Indonesia has been operating for more than four decades as one of Indonesia's main partners in the supply of raw materials. The company fulfills demand by increasing capacity, diversifying products, and strengthening the business foundation for further growth. Daesang Group Indonesia is also committed to social and community development through corporate social responsibility or CSR activities and empowering local workforce, according to their qualifications. The company also takes the role of contributing to the well-being of our customers, family happiness and abundant society. This has become Daesang's core values and foundation for business activities and is implemented by all employees.

PT Daesang Ingredients Indonesia has been established since 1973 and continues to transform the business by responding more effectively to the major changes taking place in our markets and in the consumer landscape. Working through our goal-led brands such as MI-WON, Bio Miwon, Miwon Plus, and Indorasa, are also inspired to make positive changes in their own lives that will ultimately contribute to transforming our world for a more sustainable future.

Driven by accelerating innovations, transforming the portfolio and driving cost efficiency, we were able to grow ahead of the market. The results of our innovation strategy included investment in corn starch and sweetener factory that were launched in 2017.

PT Daesang Agung Indonesia was established in 1976 as proof that Daesang Group Indonesia continues to improve its distribution. The company evolved from handling the distribution of the company into its own business. Currently, PT Daesang Agung Indonesia provides total marketing solutions from distribution, logistics  and sales of local and import product.

PT Daesang Food Indonesia as leading the manufacturer of culinary product in Indonesia has been produced a variety of instant seasoning, mix flour, coffee mix, snack, salad dressing and sauce product . To respond effectively to this increasingly stratified market, the company  are boosting the portfolio with brands that are designed or customized for local market segments. Completely new brands like Hot Lava chili sauce and Delisaos were designed in Indonesia, by Indonesians, for Indonesian tastes. 

PT Sintang Raya, which is engaged in the plantation and palm oil prrocessing industry, is a joint venture between Daesang holdings Co., Ltd., Korea with Mr. Kentjana Widjaja. The oil palm plantations began to produce in 2008, while the processing industry began to produce commercially in 2011.